Becoming Colette [VHS] > vintage version, NOT remake.  shipping included!

Becoming Colette [VHS] > vintage version, NOT remake. shipping included!

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FREE USA SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN PRICE.  VHS, never made it to DVD as far as i know. it's also not available on the online streaming services. This movie depicts an era gone by. Colette is actually the name of a character she writes about, a girl who has adventures and is mischevious, her alter ego. Her family marries her to a man who appears on the surface to have a fine place in society, but in fact is an unsuccessful publisher and who is constantly in debt and in need of rescuing by his family. He sees an opportunity to exploit his naive bride by publishing her works, but only under his name. He convinces her this is necessary, as society would not accept a woman writing the racy tales she provides. He leads her to experience a menage a trois with his mistress, and the mistress entices her to use drugs, all of which only opens Colette's eyes to the reality of her own world, and the realization that her place in that world is unsatisfactory. Her eventual confession to the world that she is the author is her cry of freedom and liberation from the structured world that society dictates is where women must dwell. The real Colette wrote the story for "Gigi", which became an Oscar-winning movie, but unfortunately Colette passed away before she learned how beloved her story had become. The photography and music in this movie are wonderful, and you gain a sense of being in a dream.  FREE USA SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN PRICE.

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