Make Your Own Handcrafted Doors and Windows by John Birchard (1988, Paperback)

Make Your Own Handcrafted Doors and Windows by John Birchard (1988, Paperback)

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"Make Your Own Handcrafted Doors and Windows" by John Birchard. 

With low-cost tools, improved glues and simplified techniques, add a window panel to an existing door, repair the rotted sash, or design a beautiful and unique door.Tells how to make laminate, panelled, batten, and double doors, arched, round, bay, and picture windows, and solariums, and discusses tools, construction techniques, and finishes 

A modern yet scarce carpentry tutorial with a wealth of ideas, information, tool tips and techniques to help you design and construct beautiful custom doors and windows for your home. Whether you're building a new house or remodeling an old one, this book will show you how to seriously enhance your living space, as well as your curb appeal, by turning your formerly mundane abode into a veritable work of art! This is also a great reference book for an architect, contractor, or just about anyone who is into the construction arts. 





You can Build Doors and Windows that are Durable, Good-Looking and Energy Efficient

- and You'll Get Exactly the Look You Want When You "Do-It-Yourself " with the Simplified Techniques, Design Tips, and guidelines to Technical and Structural Requirements that can be found in this book plus Eight pages of Colour Photos Give you a Showcase of Fabulous Finished Windows and Doors that you can Duplicate or Modify to suit your needs......

The Well-Illustrated Plans and Easy-to-Follow Directions Explain Every Step in Building: Laminate Doors...... Panelled Doors...... Window Seats..... Arched Windows...... Round Windows...... Batten Doors..... Bay Windows...... Solariums....... Double Doors...... Picture Windows.. Even if you are buying factory-made doors and windows or repairing the ones you have, you'll find valuable information on the pros and cons of using high-tech weatherproofing materials as opposed to ordinary wood. There are also tips for adding a window panel to an existing door, repairing a rotted sash on a window, and much more

Here are all the tools of the trade and plans you need for constructing hand-crafted windows and doors that anyone would be proud to have in the home. Once your friends and neighbours see your handiwork, it may even turn into a profitable sideline

Some of the Contents include: Designing a Doorway.... Constructing doors with hand tools.... Small Shop Door-Making Techniques..... Production Door Making...... Designing Windows.... Basic Window-Making Techniques..... Making Sash..... Irregularly Shaped Doors and Windows.... Installation Techniques for Doors, Windows, and Hardware...... finishes, maintenance and repair

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