MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT DVD - Pal region 2 scandinavian languages 126 minutes

MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT DVD - Pal region 2 scandinavian languages 126 minutes

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MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT [midtom natten] DVD - Pal region 2 Danish scandinavian language 126 minutes

Subtitles - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish hearing impaired 
Sound - Dolby Digital 5.1 Danish / Dolby Surround 2.0 Danish 

young homeless people from Nørrebro, including Benny (Kim Larsen) and Arnold (Erik Clausen), occupying a building in Copenhagen. The politician Kaj Buhmann (Poul Bundgaard) requires the rule of law respected and demanding the house vacated by police help. The eloquent Arnold gets first talked the police out of the street, but they are turning en masse back at night. BZs barricade himself and the police should use violence to gain access to the apartments. Spacy (Allan Olsen) jumps out of the window and badly injured, what makes the agrressive Benny to go to attack the police. The problems of the small community does not stop here, but hope leaves neither Benny or Arnold! Named the entire Danish critic crowd as one of the best Danish film ever made. Kim Larsen and Erik Clausen has the totally dominant main roles as two half-swindlers, spreading joy and fun in their own and others acidic everyday. Do yourself a favor and watch it again and again
Director Erik Balling
Actors Kim Larsen 
Erik Clausen 
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Barcode (EAN): 5708758652124

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